In the manufacturing of our products, we utilize materials that belong to two grand groups of polymers: Rubbers and Thermoplastics.

The NR Rubbers (Natural Rubbers) and SBR Rubbers(Synthetic Rubbers) present good mechanic qualities (resistance to traction and stretching) and elevated elasticity. Through the incorporation of diverse products of raw rubber material, we achieve a "mixture" that is pre-cut and assembled in the mold, which is finally sealed by a hydraulic press VULCANIZATION.

This process converts a seemingly plastic raw material, into an elastic and stable final product. One of the rubbers' characteristics that is highly important in making components for the footwear industry is their high level resistance to abrasion and their shelf life, obtained essentially from SBR.

Thermoplastics such as TR, PVC, and TPU, are materials that are based on the application of heat. This process is called INJECTION. The raw materials in grain form are introduced and injected rapidly until the mold is completely filled.

It is possible with this process to obtain fast and large series of products with complicated designs.

Since our current time demonstrates that innovation, design, and quality are key objectives for businesses to rise in reputation, we utilize a junction of materials in the making of our products, such as innovated materials in our mixtures, leather injected soles, and original finishing on our products.